Imaging System

Intra Oral Imaging System


The digital revolution

Philip Friel tells Private Dentistry why digital imaging is one of the ‘must haves’ in dentistry My professional career choice was really a last resort, as I had little interest in any of the others available, on the whole! That said, when I looked into dentistry more closely, I realised it was actually one of the few professions that encompasses all others to a certain extent, as there are elements of medicine, law, technology, engineering, design, art, business etc. This variation and diversity, together with the opportunity to make a living helping others, soon made me decide that dentistry was the career for me and I was hooked... Read more

Dreams do come true. It is bendable

VATECH continuously develops technology to provide products which are beneficial for both human health and the environment. And we are proud to introduce this innovative product called EzSensor Soft.
With our soft edged sensor, dreams do come true!
1. Pain Relief
2. Easy Positioning
3. Accurate Diagnosis
4. Damage Reduction

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