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The aim to be the world best through customer satisfaction 

Mr. Ro, CEO of Vatech said, “I use IDS to improve the image of the company and the country. We accomplished our goals we set up during 5 days of the exhibition.”

Additionally, he also expresses his gratitude to his employees from all over the world. “I am touched by their enthusiasm during IDS.”

Mr. Ro compared the Korean dental industry with the world dental industry.

He said, “Korean companies are emerging with their short product development cycle, even though they have weak brand recognition. As a finished goods manufacturer, Vatech is the only company in the world which holds the ability to develop and produce its own sensors, and therefore, it can reduce the total cost of production and can actualize the customer’s voice. This works as its competitive advantages.” He showed his confidence of Vatech’s technologies.

In fact, since its establishment in 1992, while Vatech won the commerce and Industry Minister Prize(Developed new technology of measuring instrument) in 1996, registered as a venture company in 1997, won the technology Innovation Prize from the Commerce and Industry Ministry, Developed close examination X-ray device for industrial usage, won the IR52 Jang Young-Sil Prize, Selected as ‘Next Generation World-best Product” by the Commerce and Industry Ministry, and selected as the Excellent manufacture technology Research Center by the Commerce and Industry Ministry, the company meet the customer’s need through the continuous R&D.

The CEO also talked about suggestions for Korean dentists and the future moves of Vatech.


He said, “ I met so many Korean dentists during the exhibition. And it is IDS where people share the current trend of the industry. I suggest, therefore, that more dentists participate the exhibition, so that companies and the industry can have more chances to listen to the customers’ voice, and so improve their quality of product. And he added that Vatech will be a leading company in the domestic medical industry. Furthermore, it will continue to put effort to be a global leading company through doing continuous R&D, providing customer satisfaction, contributing to the society, and after all, improving the company and the country’s image.


On the other hand, he also mentioned that “There must be 2 to 3 companies whose total sales are more than 100 billion Korean Won so as for Korean companies to be the world NO 1. These companies need to be the role models for other companies in the industry, at the same time they should open up new channels in the global market
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