[2018] CBCT Masterclass with JM Radiology

26th - 27th October 2018

Brooklands Hotel
Brooklands Drive, Weybridges
Surrey, KT13 0SL

£840.00 VAT Inclusive

[2018] CBCT Masterclass with JM Radiology

This training will fulfill the requirements of the HPA-CRCE-010 and the BSOMFR curriculum in relation to CBCT training. Each delegate will recieve a CPD certificate upon the successful completion of the course.


This course addresses the theoretical elements of CBCT and includes extensive hands on reporting training, convening the following topics:

• Radiation Physics in relation to CBCT equipment
• Radiation Protection in relation to CBCT examinations
• Apparatus and equipment
• CBCT image acquisition and processing
• Principles of CBCT imaging
• Principles and practice of interpretation of dento-alveolar 3D CBCT images
• An update on radiological anatomy of teeth and jaws relevant to CBCT
• An update on dental and maxillofacial pathology

To book a course please contact Vatech UK via the contact details below:
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St. Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1JB
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Tel_0208 652 1900