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A passion for excellence

Tony Thurling talks to Tidu Mankoo

Google the name Tidu Mankoo and you will rapidly have a measure of the man and would forgive him for taking pride in his achievements.

Yet Tidu’s pride is in the general progress of dentistry and the commitment and enthusiasm of the profession. “I recognise that I have a leading role to play” says Tidu, “and it is a responsibility I take seriously. Increasingly and encouragingly there is a demand for higher levels of dentistry and I am delighted to be considered an ambassador”.

Whilst his practice in Windsor is unquestionably state-of-the-art and provides dental treatment beyond the reach of many, Tidu is utterly opposed to elitism in the profession: “I will not get drawn into debating the pros and cons of NHS and/or Private dentistry. What is important is that there is greater accessibility to education and the vision of ‘what is possible’ continues to flourish”.


Tidu graduated in 1981 and three years later set up a squat in his father’s practice in Crowthorne. He started with one patient and acknowledges he struggled early on: “I needed to make decisions about the sort of dentistry I wanted to do long term and resist the temptation simply to go the numbers route. I did not want to compromise and had a clear view of the type of practice I wished to create”.

From the start, strong principles drove Tidu and duty of care to patients, was, and remains to-day, the yard stick. Tidu believes dentistry is very much an art, as well as a science. His message to his colleagues is one that he knows (not surprisingly) has almost universal support. It is that the profession should always have the best interests of the patient at heart. Where he feels this can go wrong is when it is not within the resources of a practice to offer comprehensive care and treatment to a patient who clearly needs it.

“No dentist has all the skills” maintains Tidu “and where appropriate, we all benefit from working as a team utilising complementary and adjunctive treatments as required. Of course, some practices have greater resources than others and not every patient can afford state-of-the-art dentistry, so we have to take a realistic view. Whatever the circumstances however, every practitioner should aim to practise their art to the best of their ability. We should all have a passion for excellence”.


Dr Mankoo acquired his Windsor practice in 1994. It now has seven surgeries and five dentists (including Tidu). It would be no exaggeration to say that the practice enjoys an international reputation and is one of the leading practices in Europe for Implant, Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry, orthodontics and the treatment of complex

inter-disciplinary restorative cases. Referrals are received from throughout the UK and Europe. His work at the Centre has, over the years, earned Tidu the reputation as one of the finest clinicians in Europe and as a world expert in Aesthetic and Implant dentistry. He is an active member of numerous dental organisations, a respected teacher and a much sought after speaker particularly in the field of dental implants, comprehensive aesthetic dentistry and the management of complex cases. He lectures and gives courses regularly all over the world and continues to publish on a regular basis. Perhaps his ‘highest profile’ achievement to date is his appointment as President of the highly prestigious European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry for the next two years.

Despite all the accolades, however, Tidu remains extremely level headed. Whilst the practice itself is superbly equipped, the statement it makes is ‘this is for the patient’. It clearly reflects Tidu’s desire to create a relaxed, informal and pleasurable experience for everyone.

For vindication (if any is needed) of this focus on patient care take a look at and read some of the case studies. They reinforce an important message for everyone who practises dentistry….. that it is not all about price. “Some people measure everything by what it costs”, says Tidu, “but many others value excellence and appreciate the effort that goes into providing it. We should do our best for everyone, of course, but it is particularly rewarding when good dentistry can change someone’s life for the better”.


The air of quiet confidence that his practice exudes reflects Tidu’s own calm and unruffled approach. Everything is considered carefully and objectively and “passing fads” are given short change. Choice of equipment, too, reflects his philosophy. It has to be the best, not simply because a sales person says so, but because, in practice, it can also prove itself to be so.

As part of his recent refurbishment and upgrading programme, Tidu has upgraded his digital x-ray equipment and invested in the Picasso 3 in 1 from Vatech and E-Woo.

“There are a number of things I like about the Picasso” says Tidu “It’s very easy to use, simple to switch mode (Picasso has Panoramic & Cephalometric & CBCT) and above all the quality of image is better than anything I have ever seen”.

The Picasso is used regularly in the practice and for referral work, where its advanced software is beneficial to both parties.

As a result of his satisfaction with the Picasso, Tidu has also purchased Vatech & E-Woo intra-oral x-ray sensors for all surgeries.


Tidu is confident that dentistry will come through the difficult financial times and those that provide their patients with commitment and care will do a great deal better than ‘simply survive’.

In his practice and in his wider ambassadorial role, Tidu is a natural leader. The pursuit of excellence is always evident, but it is tempered by a genuine respect for his colleagues and his patients. “Be demanding, but continue to invest in the best” is Tidu’s advice “don’t use a downturn as an excuse to cut corners”.

As with everything, Tidu believes long term durability and consistency are the measuring stick.


PUBLISHED IN : Dental Practice, January 2009

DENTIST : Dr. Tidu Mankoo

EQUIPMENT : Picasso-Trio

DENTAL PRACTICE : Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry

ADDRESS : Dorset House 1 Dorset Road Windsor Bershire SL4 3BA TEL : 01753 833755

E-MAIL : [email protected] WEB :

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