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Sandeep Mohal takes us behind the scenes of his practice in Sandhurst, Confidental, and explains why Vatech’s Pax-i3D imaging system is the perfect fit for him and his team.

Principal Dr Leonard Bowora and his team at the Oxford Dental Centre are committed to delivering the highest standard of care in a relaxing and friendly environment.

He says: ‘We believe every patient is an individual with different needs and who therefore deserves a personalised approach to dental healthcare. Our practice aims to provide patients with the highest standard of dental care targeted to their specific needs.

'An integral part of that level of care is using modern technology, which aids us in finding the right solutions for their problems. There’s no doubt in my mind that the right technology is clinically useful.'


Sandeep approached Vatech because their reputation within dentistry precedes them. He met with Mr Kim of Vatech, who talked through the advantages and disadvantages of their imaging systems. He very much appreciated how candid Mr Kim was about the benefits and limitations of each model, saying, ‘Mr Kim gave us the complete package, telling us what is and isn’t available. He put all his cards on the table, as well as demonstrating a caring approach.

‘Aftercare was also very important to Confidental, and Vatech was able to offer us a very good service and warranty package, which did help to sway our decision. We were given excellent training by Vatech to make sure we can get the most from the product, and we can go back whenever we need, as well as call for help. So, you see, Vatech ticked all the boxes for us.’ Confidental invested in the CBCT and panoramic Pax-i3D imaging system, and have never regretted their decision.

He adds: ‘I’ve found it quick and easy to use, but it’s not just me making use of it. It can be used by most of the team. It produces consistent, reliable images unrivalled by any other competitor machines that help us to plan treatment, for example highlighting potential pitfalls that may require a technique beyond the norm to achieve the best results. It also improves patient communication hugely, with the use of a very practical manipulation software interface, allowing patient consultations to be more professional, efficient and a more pleasant experience. And, as promised, we’ve received good support from Vatech when needed.’


The team use the Vatech imaging system on a daily basis, and are very happy with how it has fitted into their workstream.

For anyone looking to purchase such a system, Sandeep has this advice:‘Decide what you need it for, research your product and contact the right companies to see what will work for you. It’s very important to do your homework before you go shopping.

‘We’re using our system to help the way we work and others can do the same. In fact, we believe more people should have access to such a machine and so we’re happy to offer the service to anyone who would like to have scans done for their patients. We’ve invested in it but it’s not just for our use. If other people would like to use it, by all means we’re happy to extend the service.

Confidental, the home of calm and caring dentistry, keeps patients smiling with the help of Vatech.


PUBLISHED IN Private Dentistry, September 2014

DENTIST : Dr. Sandeep Mohal


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