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No compromises necessary

Practice partner and implant dentist Dr Johann Styger explains why he chose the Vatech Green 16 CBCT when the time came to replace his CT scanner.

When placing dental implants and restorations, being able to obtain an accurate assessment and diagnosis is crucial. Digital imaging is necessary for every single case as it provides precise details of the vital structures such as sinuses and the general anatomy of each individual patient. For the planning of cases, this enables me to ensure that adequate bone volume and quality is available for implant placement, or demonstrates when grafting procedures are indicated to achieve implant stability and long-term survival.


I therefore decided to replace my CT scanner with a CBCT machine a few months ago in order to improve the imaging capabilities at my practice. When sourcing the product, the quality of the images produced was a priority, as was being able to capture these with the lowest possible radiation dose. While the latter contributes to the safety of patients and the clinical team alike, it’s essential that the lower dose does not compromise the image quality.

I was already familiar with a CBCT machine from Vatech as I had used one in a different practice for quite some time. I did my research and contacted a few other manufacturers - as well as Vatech - to see what was on the market and what would suit me best. I was interested in the range of features afforded by different solutions, and I checked other dentists’ testimonials to gauge what the customer service might be like from each company.


In the end I chose the Green 16 CBCT from Vatech. I liked that it features a range of fields of view, as it allows you to cover a smaller area when appropriate to do so. It’s also very useful that it incorporates an OPG facility, meaning I have access to both images modalities in one convenient machine. The Model Scan function offers further flexibility within the one piece of equipment, enabling the digitalising of 3D models for easier storage and quicker, more-efficient communication with the dental laboratory. For colleagues who refer dental implant work to me, this feature also makes it easier to collaborate with those who don’t otherwise use digital workflows, as I can digitalise their models with the Green 16.

Additional features of the CBCT machine that I like include the Ez3D-i – 3D software that means I can manipulate images during the planning phase of implant surgery. Like any new programme, you are able to get more out of it as you get more used to it, but the learning curve was relatively short as it is such a user-friendly software package. The ART-V (Artefact Reduction Technology) is also helpful – I’ve not noticed any distortions in images due to metal artefacts, making diagnosing and planning more accurate and even simpler.

As the combination of high image quality and low radiation dose was so important to me, I have been very satisfied with how the Green 16 machine has met my expectations. The images are crystal clear and the technology makes good patient positioning easy for smooth image capture. It does this while applying a minimal dose and with a short scanning time that makes appointments more efficient. Plus, it looks lovely in the practice, with clean lines and a modern design that is not bulky at all. It is not intimidating for patients, which helps to make them feel comfortable during the imaging process.



The Green 16 CBCT now forms an important part of my assessment and diagnostic process for every dental implant patient. By allowing me to determine implant length, width, angulation and depth, it gives me confidence that I am planning the most suitable treatment in every case; even more so than when I was working with a CT scanner previously. This is echoed by my patients’ confidence in the service they receive from our practice and their trust in my ability to deliver successful treatment.

The CBCT images also improve protection for me from a legal perspective. They demonstrate that I’ve done everything within my power to assess each patient and determine the best course of treatment. The superior level of information they afford mean I’m more likely to identify and minimise any potential complications before, during and after surgery.

Another benefit of integrating the CBCT within daily life at the practice is that it facilitates communication with my patients. I use the images to educate patients on the health and shape of their bones, showing them what they can’t see in the mirror. The visual aids allow them to better understand why we need to do certain procedures, improving the consent process. This is especially useful when approaching the topic of bone grafting, as I can point out exactly where the bone is insufficient to facilitate implant stability. In general, patients seem to be very impressed with the Green 16 CBCT machine. They like that we have state-of-the-art technologies and they see this as an investment in their care.


The customer service from Vatech has been very good, right from my first call to them all the way through to the product installation and follow-up support. The team were easy to speak to when I wanted to know more about the CBCT solutions they offered and they were very helpful in finding the right machine for me.

Although I was somewhat familiar with a different model from Vatech, I still found the initial training with the Green 16 very useful. It offered more features than I was used to so it was beneficial to be shown where everything was and to see how it all worked in practise.

As with any technology, it’s difficult to take everything in at one time, so it’s still a learning process as I become more accustomed to the technology. If I ever have any questions or issues, the team from Vatech are readily available and always happy to help. They respond quickly and efficiently, providing all the information and technical support I need to get the very most from my Green 16. The customer service certainly matches the quality of the products provided by Vatech, which is very valuable for the clinician when investing in a product as big as a CBCT machine.


I’ve been very happy with the Green 16 CBCT so far and I am pleased I chose this over other solutions on the market. I would absolutely recommend it and Vatech to any clinician looking to develop their own services with cutting-edge technology. I think CBCT imaging is integral to the work every implant dentist does nowadays and having a machine in practice is definitely advantageous, rather than needing to refer out for this type of imaging. Having been placing dental implants for several years, I now don’t know how I ever worked without my Green 16 CBCT machine!.


PUBLISHED IN : Private Dentistry December 2018

DENTIST : Dr. Johann Styger

EQUIPMENT : Green 16

DENTAL PRACTICE : Portmore Dental

ADDRESSb : Roadway House, 35 Monument Hill, Weybridge KT13 8RN TEL : 01932 855011 WEB :

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