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Leonard Bowora explains why there was only one possible solution when it came to providing the best imaging of patients attending the Oxford Dental Centre.

Principal Dr Leonard Bowora and his team at the Oxford Dental Centre are committed to delivering the highest standard of care in a relaxing and friendly environment.

He says: ‘We believe every patient is an individual with different needs and who therefore deserves a personalised approach to dental healthcare. Our practice aims to provide patients with the highest standard of dental care targeted to their specific needs.

'An integral part of that level of care is using modern technology, which aids us in finding the right solutions for their problems. There’s no doubt in my mind that the right technology is clinically useful.'


Leonard has a particular expertise in the area of implant dentistry, fostered by the knowledge that there are a significant number of people in the UK who could benefit from improved dentition, making full use of the various techniques now available to meet all sorts of demands.

Says Leonard: ‘The importance of a full dentition, whether young or old, cannot be over-emphasised. Patients often don’t realise that something can be done for them, both to improve how their teeth look as well as their function, ultimately affecting both physiological and emotional health. To be able to educate the public about what’s possible and change people’s lives is, without doubt, the most satisfying aspect of my work’.

Part and parcel of this ethos is to stay abreast of the technology available to help enhance treatment planning and, subsequently, clinical outcomes. Less than a year ago, acquiring the best scanner for his patients’ needs was at the top of Leonard’s improvement agenda.

Leonard took his time choosing the best partner for his practice, ultimately choosing to do business with Vatech.

Speaking about his decision, Leonard comments: ‘I think Vatech is ahead of the game, and working hard to anticipate the future direction of dentistry. I needed an integrated system at the cutting edge of technology, and to feel confident about the company supplying the imaging system. Vatech has a very pleasant team offering a family feel to the business, which I really like. I felt they had passion for dentistry, offered continuity of care, and were committed to innovating and improving their product. All of that builds confidence.

‘With all of this in mind I chose the PaX-i3D Green and, although I didn’t realise it at the time, we at the Oxford Dental Centre were the first UK practice to install this particular model. And as for the installation process, it was efficient and the team was proactive in solving problems efficiently, for example making sure the system was able to work with an LED display.’ ‘In a nutshell, I felt, and now know, that all of the PaX-i3D Green’s attributes can’t be beaten.’


One of those attributes that Leonard felt was particularly significant was the PaX-i3D Green’s ultra-low dose X-ray technology, protecting both patient and clinician.

‘The low dose X-ray technology was very important to me,’ explains Leonard. ‘The ability to limit the dose and be selective is a powerful incentive. Very few machines can offer that. It makes patients feel more comfortable about having a scan, and anything that eases patients’ worries is a real boon.’


So, how have Leonard’s expectations been met in his daily endeavours? He says: ‘I am still learning things and I haven’t exhausted its capabilities. What I’m finding is that there is a lot of room in terms of expansion when it comes to usage and treatment planning. There is a lot that one can learn from it but, for the functions that I use on a regular basis, they are doing what I want them to do beautifully.

‘I regularly use it to measure bone volume and the quality of the images is fantastic. I find I have a good understanding of what I’m going to encounter once I have studied the image to appreciate fully the parameters of the bone and soft tissue.’

Now that the practice has the PaX-i3D Green up and running, the referrals to Leonard and his team have increased, which is in line with his plans for the future.

He says: ‘With this equipment I can do more than I used to and continue to expand the treatment possibilities, so it is integral to what I want to achieve. I want to improve the quality of service and the way I communicate with patients; and this system from Vatech certainly helps with that – no question.’

Leonard continues: ‘For anyone looking to invest in an imaging system, make sure you do your homework before you invest. With the Vatech range, you have to use it to believe how amazing it is! I think Vatech’s PaX-i3D Green is a great technological advance in a user-friendly machine that implant dentists can’t afford to be without.’


PUBLISHED IN Implant Dentistry Today, September 2014

DENTIST : Dr. Leonard Bowora

EQUIPMENT : PaX-I 3D Green 10x8 SP

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